It only feels like you’re spoiling your baby (and yourself!) as you knead her irresistibly pudgy thighs or gently roll her perfectly tiny toes between your fingers...but in truth, nurturing touch is as essential to her well-being as food and water.

I offer both group and individual sessions for caregivers and their pre-crawling infants. All classes are hands-on, and partners are welcomed (and encouraged) at no extra charge. (Because infant massage is a meaningful, one-on-one exchange, I do ask that only one parent do the actual massaging during any single class.) I’ll show you how to integrate what you learn into your daily routine and build on it for years to come.

Group Sessions

Group classes serve as a supportive gathering point for people sharing an amazing and transformative period in their lives. Group sessions cost $100 and include five weekly, 75-minute classes. (Note: I maintain an enrollment minimum of two caregiver/baby couplets and maximum of five.)

Individual Sessions

Individual classes provide tailored, focused, private attention to caregivers and their babies. Individual sessions cost $135 and include three weekly, 90-minute classes.

Prices include a caregiver packet with a laminated review of strokes and routines, massage oil, and an unforgettable new way to express and experience your love for your baby.

Dad-focused and older-sibling classes may be forming—let me know if you’re interested!