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Teaching the Art of Infant Massage
Massage Magazine
January–February 2004
Feeling Metrosexy in Cincinnati
Cincinnati Magazine
January 2004
Rick Tejada-Flores and Judith Ehrlich's The Good War…raises impossible-to-dismiss questions of patriotism and heroism, of war, peace, and justice.
Beyond the Box
Summer–Fall 2002
There are many conflicting ideas about what 'good parenting' is, which makes mothering an incredibly competitive sport.
ePregnancy Magazine
July 2002
A new generation of utterly amazing playhouses offers abundant inspiration for old-fashioned backyard fun.
May 2002
It seems age always has the last laugh. Or does it?
Cincinnati Magazine
March 2002
What You Need to Know About Bedrest
by Kendeyl Johansen (Alisa Ikeda, bylined contributor)
Pregnancy Magazine
November 2001  
With coffee klatches and knitting circles a thing of the past, many of today's parents are taking it upon themselves to start their own groups on- and offline.
August 2001
Note: The uplifting article above generated a great deal of complimentary reader feedback; a few letters to the editor were highlighted in print.
October 2001
Every child is special, and the first few months after the birth will make for priceless memories.
Pregnancy Magazine
July 2001
Can't tell English Country from French Country or Arts and Crafts from Mission style? Don't know chartreuse from magenta or chintz from damask? Don't worry!
From House to Home Magazine
Summer 2001