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The goal of Raising a Reader, a pre-literacy program in California's Silicon Valley, is simple: to get parents in low-income families to sit down every day to share a book with their children.
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Philanthropy affords us financial benefits, feel-good rewards, and networking opportunities galore. And much like punching a ballot, giving to charity can be a powerful way to way to influence the world. But for parents, philanthropy offers even more. It allows us to build charitable character in our children.
Whether you’ve convinced your boss to let you do some or all of your job from home or you’re leaving 9-to-5 office drudgery in the dust as you boldly proclaim self-employment, here are some tried-and-true ways to make a work-at-home arrangement work for you.
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In The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living, Howard C. Cutler, M.D., and the Dalai Lama explore what happiness is and how every person, regardless of circumstance, religion, or personality, is perfectly poised to achieve it.
So you think you may have made yourselves a babyÖbut itís still too soon to take a home pregnancy test. The wait, typically about two weeks, can be excruciating. But it can also present you with an unparalleled opportunity for reflection, nurturing, and togetherness.
You've outfitted the nursery and tethered the infant seat to the car. You use words like "layette," "onesie," and "swaddle" with authority. But no matter how well read you are or how fully stocked your diaper bag, you're in for a wild ride with plenty of unexpected twists and turns.
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If you're among the lucky few whose pregnancy pounds have "just melted away," we applaud you. Thanks for visiting; no need to read further. But if you vacillate between longing to fit into those old (and now amazingly petite-looking) jeans and resisting the urge to pitch them out the window, read on (and don't pitch).
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Relactation, the rebuilding of one's milk supply weeks or even months after lactation has stopped, or induced lactation, the production of milk from where there was none (as may be the case with adoptive moms), are both viable options for any woman eager to breastfeed.
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Naptime is as important for your sanity as it is for your baby's well being, so you'll want to do your best to make it a daily pleasure for both of you. Here are some ways to do just that over the coming months and years.
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